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Technical Careers


Lead Consultant

This consultant not only has a lot of overall experience, but also has experience with myriad technologies.  A lead consultant is also capable of understanding the larger picture, organizing the full solution, thoroughly understanding the business domain, and is generally aware of emerging technologies.  A lead consultant provides additional value in the form of leadership, coaching, and team building.

Senior Consultant

A senior consultant has a lot of experience and often with several technologies.  This developer quickly learns the business domain, understands the big picture, and has valuable judgment.  A senior consultant helps grow the team by sharing ideas and experiences with others.

Associate Consultant

An associate consultant has 3 - 6 years of experience and typically has experience with one full application stack.  This developer produces production quality software individually but is still working to refine skills.  Being open to and capable of picking up new technologies quickly makes mid-level developers ripe opportunities for coaching that help groom others into leadership.

Business Development

Autopilot Consulting is run by developers, but we can't grow the company on our own. We need to supplement our skillset to make this business what we know it truly can be.

Our goal has always been to build a small local business that's great to work with and even better to work for. We know it's possible to love going to work and we want to build this culture at Autopilot and share this culture with our clients.

We need help on the management side of the business to create relationships in our community, to grow our staff, to build our culture, and to ensure that everyone in the Autopilot family has everything they need to be happy, healthy, and productive.

VP Professional Services

We would love to bring someone on board to help identify and filter potential engagements, arrange community involvement events, recruit new members to the Autopilot family, and establish a happy, healthy, and productive culture.

Customer Recruiting Specialist

I know what you're thinking, "do you mean sales representative?" Well, not exactly. We believe that an excellent consulting experience comes from pairing the right consultants with the right clients working on the right project. It's not just about leads; it's about relationships and that's why we call it recruiting.


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